Let’s face it, nothing is ever going to be the same again. Countries will eventually lift lockdown measures, but social distancing remains and many businesses will continue to manage operations remotely. 

For entrepreneurs and marketers like us, we feel the impact of the pandemic not only on our businesses but in our productivity, too. With all the changes and happenings these days, sometimes we can’t help but wonder if we’ve made progress at all.  

However, we need to keep our fires fueled these days more than ever. While there are things outside of our control, there are also things we can do to skyrocket productivity and get shit done. 

Caroline Carlsen. Business Coach at carolinecarlsen.com

Business Coach Caroline Lonberg-Carlsen shared, during an online masterclass, five things we can do these days to make the best use of our time while #StayingAtHome and to prepare for when this pandemic is over. 

Reach out to the clients outside of your network. 

Social distancing is important to help flatten the curve of the new coronavirus, but it doesn’t stop us from connecting with people. The quarantine period may just be the best time to expand our network and reach. Maybe we can start checking our LinkedIn today, shall we?    

Think about how you can add more value to your existing clients. 

Get crystal clear on who you serve and how you help them. What do they need from you urgently now? What’s the biggest needle movers you can put in place to meet your audience where they are at now? 

Maybe we can start by looking into our client database today, and list down the services we are offering them, and what we can add to those services that will further help them in coping with this crisis. 

Do PR Outreach. 

Go back to your media list and reach out to bloggers and journalists you have a connection with. Doing PR outreach means pitching information about your product or service to the media, bloggers, and social media influencers. 

Let’s still find ways to build and maintain a relationship with them even on quarantine. Remember that communication strategies are more important than ever in a crisis like this.  

Think about your past clients. 

Make a long list of your past clients and find time to check how they are coping with things these days. Send them a note or schedule a chat with them. You can exchange ideas on better ways to get things done while at home. You can also bring up the ways you can help them again with their business during this period.  

Talk about your actual services. 

Now that most of your clients and target consumers are online, be more visible, and show up more with confidence. Create content that mentions your products and services. Allow your clients to get to know you more and even better.  

There are many ways to avoid or stop procrastination and we are all capable of doing these things. I hope those five ways will set you moving, too, just like how it inspired me to create more and collaborate more with fellow entrepreneurs and marketers. 

Also, this lockdown period is not only the best time to connect with your clients, your colleagues, and your community. It is also the best time to connect most especially with yourself.  

Let us continue to make every day an epic day. Stay safe and healthy at home!  

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