Do you know that half of the world population is now online? In a Digital in 2018 report made by We Are Social and Hootsuite, statistics show that the number of Internet users in 2018 is 4.021 billion, and more than 3 billion of these Internet users across the globe are using social media. The same report said the amount of time people spend browsing websites and engaging online has increased.

The availability of more affordable smartphones and tablets, data plans, and easy access to WiFi connections, among other factors, are the reasons why social media is continuously growing in most parts of the world.

What does it mean for your brand and business? It means your consumers are on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and you also have to make sure you are present where they are. 

Take a look at the following key benefits of creating and boosting your social media presence and let us know how our team at Pixels and Web can help you.

1. Increase your brand awareness.

What do you do? What can you provide? How can clients reach you? Why are you relevant to customers? You can use your social media pages as platforms to showcase the products and services you offer and to let people know the core value of your brand. The consistent and compelling posts, photos, graphics, and videos about what you can provide for your clients and target consumers will surely help boost your online presence.

2. Connect to your consumers.

The social media platforms are meant for communication and networking. Most of the features are meant to allow you to connect with other users or with your potential clients. Many people now prefer to reach businesses through social media because the feedback is most likely real-time and the process itself is more convenient than E-mail or SMS. Most clients would prefer a brand that offers an immediate response to inquiries, especially if it concerns about customer after-care.

3. Increase traffic to your website.

You can direct your potential and target clients to your website through your social media content. You can also promote the content on the website, like blogs, videos, infographics, to your social media account. 

4. Generate more leads and boost your sales.

No doubt about this! Your social media presence will help you boost your sales. You can also use your social media pages to generate leads or potential customers who have expressed interest in your products and who have provided their contact information. There are many ways of generating leads, both organic and paid, through your social media accounts. It has to be part of your social media marketing strategy. You can also check our social media management services and let our dedicated teams help you develop web and digital marketing solutions for your business.

5. Personify your brand.

Remember that social media is also about people. Use social media to personify or humanize your brand. Your clients and customers appreciate it when you respond to them when they post comments, share posts, and engage in your pages. They will appreciate personalized response rather than an automated one. It makes them feel that you are also attentive to their needs.

They also appreciate it when you publish user-generated posts or reviews, which means you acknowledge and value what they think and say about you. The more you interact with your customers, they will most likely stay with you and they will also recommend you to their circles and networks.

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