Your Facebook feed’s classic look is out! Fresh and simpler Facebook web design in!

A notification prompt from the social media giant Facebook confirmed that starting in September, the classic Facebook  look will no longer be available. 

Even before September, more users will already start seeing this fresh and simpler new-look on web layout, which highlights “cleaner look, bigger texts.” 

You have the option to choose a light or a dark look, as well. You can change it any time in your settings. 

Can you switch back to the classic Facebook? 

Yes but momentarily, according to the Facebook Support Page. Facebook implements massive redesign roll-out next month. You can no longer switch back by then. 

According to Social Media Today, some Facebook users gained access to this new desktop design since September 2019. 

If you can also remember, Facebook redesign was one of the many announcements that Facebook unveiled in its F8 2019 conference last May 2019. 

What do you think of Facebook’s fresh, simpler web design?  

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