Blogging is not new, but there are small businesses that have not given it much thought for some reason. The novel coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to temporarily close and has prompted others to move operations and business transactions online. Business websites, social media pages, and blogs have become more relevant these days more than ever. 

If you want to remain relevant to your customers, give them the information they need, keep them updated on your available or new products and services, and give them more reason to visit your business website while they are online. One way to do that is by updating your blogs.  

Here are a few blogging tips that we wish could be of help: 

Be clear about your blogging goals. 

Have a clear vision of why you want to blog for your business. You can align your blogging goals with your digital marketing goals, and tailor your content around it. Do you want to blog to promote your products and services? Do you want to blog to improve your business website’s SEO? Do you want to blog to entertain your clients? It will help if you can list down all your short term, as well as, long term goals. 

Understand your clients and get ideas from them. 

“What do I write next?” You will face these questions every time you publish or schedule your latest draft. One way to get topic ideas is to get them from your clients or audience. What do they need to know about you amid this crisis? What do they want? What do they frequently ask about? Understanding your client needs will help you blog relevant content for them, and it will also help your business find better ways to provide those needs. 

Write about your business. 

These days, you need to constantly remind your clients of the value you can provide them. Tell them about your business, your story, your mission, your goals. Blog about your featured products you are selling and services you are offering, tell your clients the benefits and tell them everything they need to know. You can even write about how you are approaching the global crisis.

Share tips and best practices. 

Be an authority in your field of business. Create content that will give your clients tips on certain niches. If you are in the gym business, for instance, you can blog about workouts and routines people can do while on quarantine at home. You can incorporate graphics and videos in your blog. Think of things your clients can do while staying at home and how you can help them. 

Plan your content ahead, develop your blogging style in the process, and measure the success of your blog posts, too, using certain metrics. Remember that valuable blog content can help your business gain trust and brand loyalty.

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Stay safe and healthy!

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