The new coronavirus pandemic brought the world into a standstill. Most people are staying at home and chances are most of them are also online. 

In challenging times like this, you must strive to stay relevant to your clients and customers. One way to do that is to make sure they can find your business first when they look for your services and products online. 

This unprecedented time is allowing us to slow down, step back, and focus on the things that truly matter. While you are at it, focus on the opportunities, too. 

There are still things you can be doing now to pave way for business success. You can start with improving the SEO performance on your business website. 

Below are some ways you can work on boosting your SEO.

Review your website’s readability.  

Your website’s written content should be readable for your target audience. Don’t lose your visitor’s interest and make sure the information is easy to read and understand.

Go to your About Us page, for a start, and read your story, mission, and vision. Is the written content straightforward? Just let go of the jargon because your clients don’t have the time to look for the meaning of unfamiliar terms. Then proceed with checking the description of your other web pages.  

Update your website pages. 

Give your customers reasons to keep coming back to your website. Provide them fresh pages with relevant information and engaging content.

Make them stay longer in your pages by adding a promo page for your latest deals, a customer survey form, a listing of new products and services available on your website to mention a few.

You can be creative in this aspect and you can consider adding infographics, illustrations or eye-catching graphics.  

Pay attention to your page loading time. 

Go to your website now and check the loading speed of your pages, especially those with photos and graphics. Remember that search engines like Google also consider page loading time to determine your website’s engine ranking.

If you are an e-commerce site, make sure your photos are optimized. Just like in offline business transactions, don’t make your clients wait too long or else you will lose them in just a click. 

Write a blog. 

Now is the perfect time to boost your blog page. Go to your blog page and see what relevant topics you can add. If you don’t have a blog page yet, then make the most of your quarantine time blogging about your services, products, and other topics relevant to your business and your target audience.

Blogging never grows old, because it boosts your web ranking. Pay attention to your keywords and the meat of your content. You have to blog for your readers and search engines at the same time.

You can start with listing down categories of your blogs, followed by writing down random topics according to your categories. Then prioritize the topics that are more relevant and then start writing!

Make sure to add outbound links, too, to help your readers verify the source of your information. It will not only boost your SEO, but it will also boost your credibility and authority in your niche. 

Cross-promote your content. 

Don’t forget to share links to your web pages and blogs on your social media pages, especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also join discussions in online forums and share your website content and blogs on these platforms. Check out Yahoo Answers and Quora, two of the widely-used platforms up to this day. Submit your blogs to credible blog directories, too.

These initiatives take a lot of effort and time but these pay off in the long run.  

We hope these tips are helpful in some ways. When you need assistance in revamping your website, redesigning and optimizing it for better SEO performance, and creating content, our team will be excited to help you. Contact us at

Stay safe and healthy!  

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