The coronavirus pandemic has compelled several companies around the world to consider managing a remote workforce.

Most start-up companies have adapted this set-up much longer than others. Many businesses across industries, on the other hand, have never explored remote work for its employees until that day the World Health Organization (WHO) elevated the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis into a pandemic.

Everyone is urged to #StayAtHome and businesses had to oblige employees to work from home.

The sudden shift in work arrangement has pros and cons. However, given the high risks involved amid this crisis, it is one of the best precautionary measures against COVID-19 at the moment.

It may be hard for many of us, so we came up with a few tips on how to stay productive when working from home. 

Keep your work separate from your home routine. Do your usual morning routine – be it stretching, having breakfast, and taking a bath – before you head to your desk and start working. If you don’t feel like bathing daily like you used to, at least “wash your hands” frequently to avoid getting the virus. 

Do your housework after your shift. It is tempting to do household chores, but remember you need to deliver your job. It is your responsibility to accomplish your tasks for the day. Wear cozy clothing but not enough to make you want to go back to bed. Before you even start, set the work mode on. 

Know the rules and stick to them. If your company has established a guideline, make sure you know the details and follow them. Know what the company requires from you before, during, and after your shift. Know the schedule for collaboration calls and meetings. Stay online and be ready anytime in case your manager and teammates suddenly need your assistance. 

Set up the internet speed suitable for your remote work. Your need for internet access and speed may vary from your other colleagues, but make sure to get one that is stable and reliable. Your success in working from home also depends on it. 

Create that home office of your dream. There are people who are comfortable working anywhere in the house, on sofas, on the floor, or in the attic. If you aren’t that type, find a corner in your house that inspires you to beat deadlines and work uninterrupted. If you want to play music, go ahead and set up the ambient sound that suits your mood. You don’t need glass doors and a couch for your home office, but you can set up one if you want.

Plan your day ahead. We can be distracted easily, especially now that we are with our family at home. To help you get away from distractions, make a list of your goals for the day. Include your morning and afternoon tasks. Would you do brainstorming and creative works in the morning? Would you hold meetings in the afternoon? Set an intention to make every day a successful day at work from home.

Take a break and do some TikTok. I’m not kidding. Make sure to take a break. Inform your team about your break time. You can eat, do yoga, dance, read a chapter of a book, or you can do TikTok. Seriously, this mobile video app means it when it says it will “make your day!” Even WHO is on TikTok to help spread reliable information about COVID-19.

And last but not the least, log out on time. Maximize your working hours and be motivated to finish on time. Set an intention to finish on time.

It may take time for some people to adjust to the work from home routine but you will get the hang of it, especially that it is necessary. 

Be committed to being productive, no matter where you work.

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