The novel coronavirus disease, Covid-19, has affected many businesses around the world. An article published in USA Today said the pandemic hit hardest the transportation, hospitality, and travel industries in the US.

Most companies have been forced to operate their business and manage employees remotely. The move aims to help flatten the curve and stop the spread of the new coronavirus disease. Several establishments have temporarily closed and stopped operations. 

However, you can still take action to keep your business afloat despite the changes in consumer behavior and business landscape. Maintain and even grow your business smoothly while your clients and customers are staying at home. 

Your business website will play a huge role and here are some ways how: 

Make your website the core of your digital presence.

Update your website and use it as the center of your communications and operation amid this pandemic. Your customers will check you out online to see how your business is responding to the pandemic. Make sure your website has everything they need to know. Be transparent and update your clients on the actions you are taking. 

Update your hours and days of operation, especially if your business is offering a delivery service. Don’t forget to include accurate information about the availability of your products and services. You can use a pop-up or a banner to highlight these updates. 

The Cebu Safari & Adventure Park, Philippine’s premier wildlife conservation park, added a pop-up on its website. It is to inform clients of the park’s actions and temporary closure due to the pandemic. 

Another noteworthy example is how Personal Trainer Vanessa Bogenholm has moved her business fully online through Bogenholm’s website now features a landing page where videos and interactive challenges are available. She has a sign-up gateway for clients who want to be included in the email list and for those who want to schedule a session via Zoom.

Use your website to transition your business to e-commerce.  

Let’s face it, e-commerce is no longer the future. It is now the most flexible solution both for businesses and consumers, especially that everyone is shopping from their own homes. 

For traditional businesses that were forced to temporarily close onsite shops, an online store that’s open 24/7 is something to consider. You don’t only make it more convenient for your clients, you also increase the reach of your business. If you need help in scaling up your business website, our web team at Pixels and Web is happy to assist you. 

Use your website as Online Ordering and Delivery portals. 

You can still make partnerships with other widely-used online delivery apps, like GrubHub or UberEats, while using your website as a direct platform for online ordering and delivery at the same time. 

Dining and other outlets selling essential items like supermarkets and pharmacies can add an online ordering and delivery system on their website to make it more convenient for clients to shop while at home. This will also increase website traffic and conversion. 

Use your website to call for support.  

We are also called to support one another during a global crisis. We don’t only look after our own but of the people who need our help, too. Businesses, big and small, can always do something to contribute to the community. 

You can use your website as a platform to call for donations in cash or in-kind. Run an online promotion through your website and donate a percentage of online purchases to support programs against COVID-19. You can use your website to encourage customers to support your business and in turn support communities, too.   

In addition to your website, amp up your digital presence using your social media channels and online listings, too. Use these platforms to align your business communications across all your digital presence. Use them to lead your clients and customers to your business website, too.

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