You need great content.

Your social media following and engagement depend on it, too. The quality of the content you publish on your social media pages also influences your target market’s perception of your product and services.

Your content can help you grab your target audience’s attention, generate more leads, and increase conversions. These are some of the reasons why you need the right tools in creating amazing social media content for your brand.  

We’ve rounded up seven social media content creation tools you can start to play around today. 

1. Canva

This social media tool has everything you need to design stunning graphics. It’s a drag-and-drop feature and professional layouts, templates, and design elements can help you design anything and publish it anywhere. It is one of the most popular tools for creating content with high-quality images. 

It can also help you design logos, posters, infographics, among other marketing collaterals. Canva also has in-depth articles and resources on design, marketing, and branding that you can check out anytime for free. It also has a Design School that offers online courses on social media mastery, graphic design basics, branding, and more.  

For individuals and small groups working on quick projects, you can already take advantage of Canva’s 8,000 plus amazing templates, 100 plus design types, and hundreds of thousands of photos and graphics for FREE. If you need more for your business, you can start with Canva Pro at $9.95 per user per month plan.  

2. Crello

Aside from high-quality images and graphics, animation and short promotional videos can also boost your content. If you want to create social media animations and videos quickly and effortlessly, this graphic design tool is worth checking out, too. 

It is similar to Canva except that it gives users access to the 30,000 plus ready graphic and animated templates and to the library of 140 million stock images for FREE. Getting its Crello Pro at $7.99 per month, meanwhile, gives users additional access to the 500,000 + premium images and 32,000 videos and animations templates. 

3. PowToon

Back in 2017, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said: “I see video as a megatrend.” He was right. We are talking about millions of hours of video watched every day on Facebook alone.

Like other businesses, if you are also planning to jump into producing videos for your brand, you can use tools like PowToon. Its drag-and-drop templates are designed to help you create professional-looking videos and presentations.

You don’t need to be an expert in video editing to master this tool. There is a FREE version you can play around and they also have a Pro plan that gives you 5 premium exports per month at only $19. 

4. PosterMyWall

Another one-stop online solution for all your graphic design needs is PosterMyWall. You can be a social media pro with its publishing tools and templates.

PosterMyWall specializes in high quality prints and downloads and also offers social media post templates – including video – for your Facebook, Instagram and other social media marketing. Its templates make designing a breeze for small businesses, sports teams, retail promotions, concerts, events, gifts and much more.

5. Animoto

Another great video platform that you can use to create your photos and videos into amazing multimedia graphics is Animoto.

You can simply add your own images and video clips with ease, then drag and drop right into your project. You can download your project in various formats and levels of quality and you can also upload it right away to your social media pages. 

6. Anchor 

Aside from videos, podcasts are another growing content platform that you can explore. Most if not all of your target users are people who are most likely doing something else while consuming information about your products and services on social media. 

Give them something they can listen to while they are doing other things. You can use Anchor, an easy to use creations tool, to create, distribute, and monetize your podcast from any device, for free. You can record or upload, and edit from any device with tools designed to make you sound great, regardless of your skill level. 

7. Milanote

Last but definitely not the least, you need a tool that can help you plan and organize your creative ideas. Milanote is a beautiful platform for designers, writers, marketers, founders, and for you.

Milanote’s flexible drag and drop interface lets you arrange things in whatever way makes sense for your project. Your boards can be a private place to think, or a shared workspace for collaboration—you’re in total control of who sees what.

If you don’t know where to start, worry not because it has a comprehensive guide you can explore anytime.

Content creation is one of the most important elements of your social media presence and campaigns. These tools are all helpful but evaluate your need to invest in premium versions of these tools and make the most of the available features. Choose the tools that work best for your brand. Have fun creating!

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